New survey by JR Dias on Translator scammers

November 2014

Joao Roque Dias' survey shows us there is a new trend of scams emerging, endangering further the translation industry. 
These people seem hard to pin down. However they MUST be reported to the Translator Scammers Directory website as well as to the authorities.


Joao has communicated the results of his survey during the recent ATA Conference in Chicago and the conclusions are staggering.

It is now available here:


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Unknown said...

The work Joao has done is fantastic. I was almost a victim of a similar scam myself a couple of years ago. I found the email from the alleged client on one of Joao's lists. If you don't have a good feeling about the request or the client, I recommend doing a research in Google of their name and email or even the conent. I was surprised to find that the article they required me to translate was in fact a Wikipedia entry.
Lucrecia Simon, Certified Spanish/English Translator (CTTIC)