Anonymous: Conyac's test policy

Here is how Conyac makes even more profits on their innocent and oh so naïve "translators":
"Dear Translation Ethics:

I read your article on Conyac with great interest.

I would like to remain anonymous, but you will find below the description of what Coyac calls "level test." 6026 characters for free.

In addition to this, they have other features such as "contests," which pay little or nothing.

In a recent contest, the "winner" was awarded the privilege of translating 29701 characters for 400 US dollars.

The level test will now begin. Please make sure to submit the results before the time limit expires.

【Test flow】
Begin the test → Submit a translation within the time limit → Conyac grading process and feedback → Results notification

【Rules for taking the test】
  • The number of characters is 6026.The time limit will be 15 hours.
  • Once you begin the test you cannot cancel it.
  • There is a “save as draft” button during the test. You may edit the contents as much as you like within the time limit.
  • If you do not submit a translation before the time limit, regardless of the amount completed, this will result in a fail.
  • The result of the test will be sent within approximately one week to the email address you have registered on Conyac.
  • There is no limit to the amount of times you may take the test, however it is necessary to wait one month from the day of your previous test results in order to retest.
【Please take note】
  • If it has been determined that you have cheated during the test, there is a chance your account will be deleted.
  • In accordance with NDA, test contents are strictly prohibited from leaking to the outside.
  • Submitted translation results may be reused by Conyac without notification.
  • Please understand we cannot reveal any details regarding the grading process or criteria for passing.

I think this speaks for itself. Still fancy joining Conyac?  
I personally call that a scam.
It's true that once you let the cat in, there is no limits to the damage it can come up with. So how about shutting the door to this annoying cat?

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