Blacklist D

D@namic (unknown), Italy (Bottom feeder)

September 2014:
"Here is one offer a french translator can't refuse (advertised on ProZ of course):
Technical manual to be translated into French
Words: 3626
Format: Word
Deadline: September 26, 4 pm
Rate offered: 0.04 € per words"

Day Translations, USA (Low, late/non payer)

Day Translations Inc.
711 South Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33607 United States
First, I wanted to thank you for creating this site. I think it's very important for the translation industry to have a go-to place where scam and otherwise unprofessional and low-pay agencies are consolidated.

Second, I wanted to add my experience with Day Translations to the information already posted. This is the review I wrote of the agency on Glassdoor several months ago, which I entitled "Greedy corporate monster":

"Day Translations only pays $.05/word, an extraordinarily low rate for Spanish translations ($.10/word being the norm). Despite this egregiously low rate of pay, the organization expects absolute perfection--even though, ironically, the Translator Orientation Powerpoint is chock-full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes-- and always has very tight rush deadlines for which we translators are not compensated accordingly. Rush translations are simply the norm with this organization. Nor are translators compensated for the great amount of time it takes to painstakingly replicate the exact formatting of the original document. Moreover, the constant oversight by managers to make sure we meet these absurd deadlines took away the very freedom I enjoy about being an independent translator. All of these qualities reveal that Day Translations only cares about making money, with absolutely no regard for its severely underpaid employees. After all, Day Translations realizes that if one person doesn't accept the exceptionally low rate of $.05/word, there are always others that are willing to work for such slave wages."
Out of curiosity I went back on Glassdoor recently to see what other reviews had been posted about Day Translations, and almost all of them positive (perhaps created by the agency in response to my damning review? Some of them were posted soon after mine.). When the site asks for cons about the agency, one response was: "There are no cons because this is the kind of agency every freelance would like to work with. No problems at all." Another con: " I only wish they would call me more. I love working for Day Translations!" One review title: "One of my favorite agencies to work for!" I find it hard to believe these could be real..."

Delta International (non-payer)


Deluxe Digital Studios or Softitler (bottom feeder, lousy rates for subtitling)

Email 28/09/14:

"I recently found your blogspot because I was googling the company I work for, Zoo Digital, and unfortunately found them in your black list. Zoo Digital used to be a great company. They got a great subtitling plattform and used to pay their translators $6 dollar/minute. They provide subtitles, therefore per minute. It's still not the best rate but a lot better than the first translation agency I worked for, Deluxe Digitial Studios or Softitler.

I was surprised I didn't find them on your list. They are a company who hires completely new translators, which of course is nice, but they're completely ruining the business. They pay $3 dollar/video minute for translating and $0,55 dollar/minute for proofreading. And that's not even their lowest rates. It's one of the better ones because I live in an expensive country.

Anyway, it's true as someone stated in a e-mail to you that Zoo Digital hasn't paid their translators for several months, including me, and that sucks. At the same time they are hiring new translators to work for $4 dollar/minute because of what they told me was a pricing decrease in the industry. It's just sad that companies like Deluxe Digital Studios are totally, or have already ruined, this industry and that people accept to work for such low rates. That's really where the problem starts. I understand that you accept a low rate if you're new to the business, as I did, but after a year or so you really should know better.

So anyway, feel free to add Deluxe Digital Studios or Softitler to your blacklist.

I've attached the pricing list from Deluxe in this e-mail, which is probably totally wrong, but I don't really care since I'm not working for them anymore. As you can see it for example says $3,00 for Broadcast translation."

Contact TE if for further questions

Dialectus/Digimedia (Isabel Monteiro), Portugal (non-payer!)

"That agency, from Portugal, was recently banned from advertising on ProZ, and reported to owe in excess of 250 000 Euros to various professionals having worked for them. They contacted me for a contract over a year ago, for which I was never paid a penny of the $1000 they owed me. And that
in spite of repeated promises to do so.
Their website now seems to be down."
Dialectus, Trad.Técnicas Legendagem e Locução, Lda.
Rua Manuel Ferreira, 17B
Alto de Stª Catarina
2795 Linda-a-Velha
CAE 82190
Contribuiente 505887363
Contact telephone +351 4144123
"It's true, I am one of the many translators that didn't get paid. Now the owner, Isabel Monteiro, has two new companies: 7ª Arte and Digimedia. Be careful, as she is highly manipulative."
For all of you, in Portugal, victims of Dialectus, you might want to consult the following site and register a denuncia:

Diamond translations or Cristal Trans, Italy 

CROOKS, insulting rates, non-payer, horrible reputation, advertise on Proz, Fake addresses 
 From a payment practices site: WPPF
"Every time they tried to force work down my throat was at such a low rate that the whole conversation wasn't worth the effort. They just couldn't take no for an answer and such extremely low rates (KG)
"Thanks for your answer. I actually had a decent proposition and worked for them for a few projects during this month (monthly invoice system). Serious end client and good communication. Then I found alarming posts on forums and I started to freak out." (CA.)
Email 17/12/13: "Hi, I worked for a full month for this agency supposedly in Syracuse, N.Y.
I sent them my invoice, as requested by a P.M. Adrien de Miras. He mailed me back that he received it and will transfer it to the financial department ASAP. Since then nothing, around 4500 € gone, and I can't find any lead to reach them. This guy had projects for Hyundai, Samsung and Schneider Electric. How come?
Can anybody help me with any info please? I lost a lot because of this man, even health wise, I want to be sure he gets what he deserves."
Chahenda A., Freelancer translator
I have a great solution:  it is to contact his clients and tell them all about this guy, showing purchase order, copies of work you did for them. Forward an email to all the clients he advertises on his site warning them not to use him again? And leave messages on all the forums mentioned here: Linkedin, proZ, TD, and WPPF...
Email 07/04/14:
"I saw that you have listed Diamond Translation. I was offered normal rates by this agency, did lots of work for them (and am still to this date fighting for payment). But recently, the same "project manager" (only with a different spelling) seems to have forgotten he has already "used me", started sending POs from a different company altogether, CristalTrans, which is also a scam. I have found several websites which discuss this issue, so be careful! They also seem to have a profile on Proz. 
May 2014: Non paying case where they owe 1500 Euros to a translator: see link

Digimedia (See Dialectus above)

DIXIT Language Solutions, France (bottom-feeder)

New: Read my article on this blog.
These guys have an agreement with Proz who granted them their quality label and entire support and full list of translators - without informing them or asking for permission. Their slogan:
"Dixit Services The Certified Pro Network A network of certified translators Unique price 0,06 € / Word All languages"
A translator's comment:  "As for the home page of dixit, it is a "textbook" example of bad writing and is full of howlers......"Become a translator"? The implication here is that if you sign up, you "become" a translator." 
If you have 20 years of experience, if you are an expert in your field, if you have the rarest language, if you have a Phd in translation well you are being offered the same lousy rate as someone who hasn't got any of the above. But then you'll probably also have "other cats to whip" as we say in French and will not need to work for this sweatshop who also sells bikinis on the side, allegedly (?). 

DL Multimedia, Spain (non-payers)

"Hands off DL Multimedia in Spain, or it will cost you dearly. They owe me thousands of Euros (I stopped working for them some time ago) and their promises concerning payment never came true.
It's a long story... Are there other translators with the same problem with regards to DL Multimedia? It might be useful to get in touch, maybe we can build enough power to get some payment out of that company after all.", Germany (non-payer)
"Way back when I was getting started they had a sizable job of around 9400 words for me. It was a sales pitch for a medicine which 'cures all known diseases'. Yes you got that right.
So I called them up and said this was probably fraud (duh) so watch out, and they were like 'ok thanks, go on ahead'. So I did and then didn't get paid.
Being a newbie I waited a long time, sent 3 bills/reminders, then called. When I called they were like 'uh well the client didn't pay, so sorry, we'll let you know'. And I'm like 'well too bad but I specifically warned you and why didn't anyone respond to me'. The manager would never speak to me but the secretary said they'd pay me whenever they can. So I said well send me a schedule in writing of when you'll be paying what amounts. That they were not prepared to do however.
So then during the process of obtaining a judgment to collect, my lawyer informed me that the manager over there had called him personally and said that we had reached an agreement, which was documented in his phone log, which he had falsified and faxed over. Needless to say that was a non-starter, so I got my money by judgment after he let the deadline for going to court expire.
THEN the manager sends me a letter on company letterhead in which he threatens me in writing like 'you'll never work again around here' etc. etc., upon which he received a warning letter from my attorney for issuing illegal threats.
And that was the pathetic end of that, my career took off immediately thereafter.
I hope you do add this company to the blacklist, I still have written documentation of this case if anyone would like to check it. Thank you!"

D&M Peru (late payments)

See WPPF June 2014

Dow Chemicals Canada (non-payer)

Email 4/12/14 
"Dear colleagues
I am here to inform you that this company owes me almost USD 5K, related to 3 invoices issued since September/2014. They replied to my msgs, and redirected them to other employees. They are deceiving me all the time. I would appreciate to know if someone else in this list is facing the same problems with this company.
I was hired by Mr. Robert Lambert in Dow Chemicals. They closed their Translation Dept., and hired Transperfect to be responsible for all their translated materials. I have worked for them for many years, and they always paid me in due time. I was told that they modified their financial system, and since then, no funds were wired to my bank account. This week, I sent them several msgs, but I have not rcvd any answer. I just wanted make sure that you do not accept any project from this company.
I will put their name in all blacklists of this planet"

Dream Studios, Czech Republic (late payer)

Email, 9/11/13 :  "I am writing you in order to let you know that Dream Studios, an agency based in the Czech Republic, has contacted me for a proofreading job and they haven't paid me. Although it's only a 10 Euro job, I thought this would be an information of interest for my fellow colleagues.
Since all communication with Mr. Alexandre Autrand and Dream Studios has failed and I will probably never retrieve the amount they owe me, I thought at least I should let people know about this company and their behaviour towards freelance workers. Below you will find some e-mails from Mr. Autrand. I should also let you know that although I've been trying to reach him and the company, I haven't heard from them since October the 1st. Thank you for your time. Best regards,"
Teresa Bento, Freelance translator, Portugal
- July 26th - "Dear Teresa,
I hope you are doing well.
We have a first job for you : it would be for the proofreading of the slogan of a video that our client wants to launch in Portugal.
I will send you the copy in English and the translation in Portuguese on Monday 29th Morning. Our price is 10 euros and the deadline is on Monday 29th, 4pm GMT. Could you tell me as soon as possible if you are interested in taking this job ?
Thanks a lot,
Alexandre Autrand
Project Executive
Dream Studios
Expo 58, Letenske sady 1500
170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic
T +420 220 397 531   F +420 220 397 601
  E "
Dear Teresa, I would advise you to adopt the common professional practice of charging a minimum hourly fee of at least 20 euros (or whatever the amount is in your country of residence). Experience has taught me it always proves necessary, these small assignments take much more time (incl invoicing and in this case keeping track of the payment) It will also deter "cheap" unprofessional companies from wasting your time! Some agencies ask you to waive it off occasionally in exchange of the promise of a long term job. This is not acceptable. My reply is always no, on a first punctual job. Because there is a pretty good chance there won't be a follow up. Also because 20 euros is still very (too) cheap, because there are some hidden time consuming related parameters to take in account: research, invoicing, checking payment, responsability in case of problem...

DRR Global LLC, New Jersey (Jay Rossi, late, non-payer)

Email 9/05/14: "Hi, I already subscribe to your blog and value it a lot. I have an addition to make to your blacklist -- or someone who doesn't pay a translator for four months is not yet considered a late payer? They were supposed to pay in 45 days (which I already consider late!) according to their own rules. The company is DDR Global, LLC, of New Jersey, and the person of contact is Jay Rossi, Principal. email: I checked them out, but not too thoroughly, and couldn't find anything negative. And I thought, well, why bother for US$66.00 anyway! No great harm done.
However, I feel I should make it known in case someone else decides to work for them.  So I published it on WPPF list for good measure. Soon after, I got email from Rossi apologizing and asking me to wait a couple of days.  When nothing came, I complained again. Another empty promise. So far I got nothing else. I hope you can add them to your blacklist.
Thank you and regards,"H.V
Email 11/10/14:  "Dear colleagues, This is to let you know that the company above has finally decided to pay me. It took them 7 months to do so! It's an excellent idea to use translation payment lists. Translation Ethics, for one, worked like a charm!  Thanks for being there for us!
Warmest regards,

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Ming said...

I have the same experience with the Day translation company as described by the Spanish-English translator.

They pay a very low rate and give unreasonable deadlines. Then after I submitted my part, they keep asking me to do things beyond my part of the project.