Blacklist G

"I must had on that black list a spanish translation agency called GBS Business Services located in Madrid, Spain. The administrator is named Rafael Gutiérrez Martínez (also owing a company called Welma Web Mkt Labs). Appears on LinkedIn with many contacts but be careful he is dishonest and very bad payer. Does not answer mails anymore.
Thank you very much to give the translators the opportunity to denounce dishonest behaviours and inform on bad experiences."
CLM, Barcelona, 12/11/2014.

Translator's report:
"Proposent des prix très bas (0.02 Euro par mot) et ne paient pas." 

"Thanks for an excellent service! Very interesting blog indeed.

I would just like to mention that well-known bottom feeders Gengo (standard rates of $0.03/word for translators, I believe) also have another problem from an end client point-of-view, which is probably very much related to their rates. As it happens, the skills of their translators vary from very good (rare cases!) to "WTF!?". Some translations are acceptable, but most are direct word-for-word translations which seem to have been run through Google Translate before a quick edit. I can of course only speak for translations between English and German and the Scandinavian languages, but I can't imagine the situation being any better for other language pairs. Proofreading generally has to be done in-house after submission of translations. What puzzled me is that Gengo has a high score on Proz, but one external translator told me that Gengo have paid translators and individuals to enter good ratings, which may or may not be true, but it sounds feasable. So, terrible rates and poor quality goes hand in hand. Who would have thought..."

Omar AKA Agatha Wear AKA Lego Trans/Petra Trans (see note 18, TSD). Lonaverbas/Professional Translator Team are also closely connected to Gentle Translations (aka Languagemet/Translation Secrets and many other scam operations). 

"We employ best practices when it comes to processing content with machine translation. We always compensate our linguists for their hard work and the rates are of a minimum of $0.05 as benchmarked by the industry standards."
Tariq Ghali, project manager, PR manager (Email 19/11/14)

"I got an email from them, obviously a group email sent via the mailing system. They were looking to get an affidavit translated form English to Finnish, offering 30 USD for 494 words. The translation should be delivered within a few hours, and the payment would be made via Paypal. Ridiculous, I know, but to me the worst part of the inquiry was that it included a direct download link to the file to be translated which contains very personal information, including the names of various individuals and references to their family background, religion and wealth. Global Tech Creations made this information available to all the potential translators that received the inquiry. I have no idea how many people received it. I notified the agency immediately of this breach of privacy but is there some other institution or organization that should be notified?" read on LinkedIn

11/11/14: "WARNING!
Globale Kommunikation in Munich,CEO Nardina Alongi is a complete no-go. Offers translations at low rates - often also short deadlines. Banned from all major translatorsites due to non-payment etc. Actively searching for translators from her LinkedIn profile and TraduGuide, where scammers are obviously welcomed. I have warned them against Ms. Alongi, Ms Alongi has apparently refused to get in contact with me and settle our dispute, but TraduGuide cannot be moved to end me a copy of the e-mail stating so.


Mandoe said...

Globale Communication AKA Greenlandic Translations is a known scammer, who have even been taken to court for it. Unfortunately I was not aware of this when I agreed to do a translation for her (Nardina Alongi), and I am now out a little over €3600 which they do not pay. Any attempted contact is ignored, and the payment is 76 days overdue.

Andrey said...

Global Linguist Solutions
In Ukraine GLS hired translators via Romanian Subcontractor. There are huge discrepancies between translators’ job offers and reality (no insurance, lack of gear, poor living rooms’ conditions etc.). At the same time, all translators had positive feedback about their actual performance. The long delay of first monthly payment for translators was the last straw which caused translators strike. Facing the possibility of huge multinational scandal, GLS with Subcontractor managed payment during 2 days and asked translators not to strike. However, despite of a lot of promises to resolve all issues in a new contract, there is no evidence that they’ll be resolved till the 2015 year end. So, it seems that 2016 will be as much difficult as Dec 2015.