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Fast Translation 12, Italy (beware)

Email 20/01/15  Hello, My name is Chieko Laux. I’m an English-Japanese translator.
I would like you to add this company to your blacklist. Cappi Bartolomeo of Fast Translation 12 (Italy) contacted me directly asking for Japanese proofreading  I performed the work for her, but after delivery she claimed the job had been cancelled ? if it actually was, it was because of her mismanagement ? and refused to pay me.
The amount is small (US$44.62), and at first she promised to pay me after I mentioned that I would report this to translation job websites. However even after the due date, she does not pay and does not respond to e-mails, which is unprofessional and unacceptable.
I can provide further details and e-mails, if necessary.
Thank you, and thanks very much for making this valuable resource available to the translator community."
" Hello, I sent you the following e-mail on the 20th. and after you posted this information, she finally paid the exact amount. Thank you so much. I just would like to inform you and thank you.


FEA Translation and Language Solutions (Incredibly low rates)

Read discussion on LinkedIn"If you visit their website, you'll see they also pretend to have branches all over the world, and the job ad I saw said "FEA Translation and Language Solutions Australia". I paste the message below for you to be aware of this new case.
 "Dear, Thank you for your email and for sending us your CV . We are happy to inform you, FEA Translation and Language Solutions confirm acceptance on said subject concerning the cooperation with you, we agree to pay 0,010 USD per source word. Please find attached our database form for translators which we would appreciate you completing, signing and returning to us. Please accept our congratulations on the adoption of our family and our thanks for your enthusiastic attitude. (...)We recognise that our greatest asset is our translators; It is our people who deliver brilliant work. Who give the company its personality, who shape its culture, and who innovate. That´s why we believe in treating our people with respect, looking after their welfare and allowing them the freedom to be themselves, to flourish, and maximise their potential moreover to produce the best results for the Company & clients. It is our policy to assist our people to enable them to achieve their aims and aspirations.(...)"
Indeed, they really know how to show their gratitude for all this profit they are making in your back. By promising to treat you with respect. What a deal!

Flow languages (non-paying crooks)

Email 2/1/15:
"I'd like to notify other translators about non-paying agency - Flow Languages
I did 7 small projects for Flow Languages in October and November 2014. They should have paid the first sum at the beginning of November, than postponed payment (after my several letters) to the beginning of December, but didn't pay and didn't answer my letters. 
So, please, be careful with this dishonest agency. By the way, it has a very low LWA at, too, it's a pity, that I didn't look for this information before.
Best wishes,
Elena Sukhova
P.S. Katina Nikolova, the line manager, responsible for my payment, is in the copy."

Email 12/01/15:
"Hi, I completed three translation projects for Flow Languages last  October and November and still have not been paid (total amount over £635). I have not had any written response to my emails since November. Whenever I call they either tell me payment will be next month, the person I need to speak to is not in or they will forward my query … Though i never hear back … Am appalled!
Have you had any other complaints regards this company?"
With kind regards,
Mariska van den Broek BA MSc DipTransIoLET MCIL
Email 13/01/15 

"I have just seen your web page about the agencies to avoid.
I too have four outstanding invoices, I did four jobs between September and November 2014, and I still haven't been paid (equivalent of €550).

Everyone should avoid Flow Languages now."

Best regards
Caroline Ville

Frühbeck Translations, Esperanza Frühbeck 

CROOK, RUN!! owes thousands

FOX Translate (Low rates)

"If so, I would like to have a discussion with that individual, privately, about rates. I would be happy to provide information about my own target, "acceptable", and "desperation" rates in return."


Переводчик русского языка, бизнес координатор и интегратор в Индии said...

As a professional I did one job for them on 10th of April 2015, they have not paid yet. I sent them two reminders, but they are not responding.

Non-payers: Principal EL DORADO

Apr 10

to me

Dear Khalid ,
Please can you translate me this document attachment
Kindly confirm it will need this document in few hour
The offer price INR 250 /- for this work and payment mode is 45 business working days from date of invoice

Thanks & Regards,
Admin Manager.
75/76 Laxmi Building, 4th Floor
Sir P.M .Road, Fort,
Opposite Axis Bank
Mumbai -400 001
Phones: +91-22-32257702, +91-22 22661599 and +91-22-22661946

V Howard said...

I work from English to French and I too have had a bad experience with FLOW languages. They have only just (October) paid my last invoice dating back to the end of May. I have had to ring endlessly, send numerous emails and I was fobbed off many times. They needed the job No, they needed my banking details etc. all of which were already on the original invoice. The staff are very pleasant but you can never catch Cecilia or any director. Stephanie was very helpful in the end. They seem to have a very high turnover of staff too which is never a good sign!

Morgausia said...

I translated for Ms. Eva Forsberg, Torsgränd 3, 11361 Stockholm, Sweden,, and so far, I haven't received any payment from her. On top of that, I can't reach her by email any more as I always get the same error message when I try to write her:

This is the mail system at host

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

The mail system

: host[] said: 550 Requested
action not taken: mailbox unavailable (in reply to RCPT TO command)