Blacklist A

2B Translated, Belgium - Non-payers

"I've seen your website and I think it can be very useful! Thanks for making it!
I would like to ask you to add translation agency "2B Translated" (Belgium). Be aware they (afterwards) say they have big cash flow problems but they still employ freelance translators!!! Be aware!!! They owe me about 4000 euro!
Please don't work for them because you'll never see your money.
Thanks for taking this message in account."
(Celine M, email 04/12/13)  

Insulting rates + CV theft + scammers network

Please  note that this is NOT or, based in Hamburg
Type of emails sent out by their PMs:
"Dear XXX,
I am Reham from 24 Translate Agency, I hope you are well and available for my offer. Please confirm availability to translate and send the attached with in 15 hours.
Rate 0.02 USD/SW.
Language: EN-DE
Programme: Trados
Unique Words: 4879 (100 %)
Repetitions: 7776 (10 %) Format: Clean/Unclean files+TM NOTE: THE FIRST 3500 WORDS are ready Please confirm you can do this.
Many thanks in advance, Reham"
"About 24 Translate Agency / Reham (in fact, Reham Abu Ghali): besides their insulting rates, these people belong to the Language Met / Translation Secrets / MuchDo scamming ring, which base their "operation" on the stealing and hijacking to translators CVs. More info on my TRANSLATOR SCAMMERS DIRECTORY (see Note 52):"

AAT (see ASCO below)

A Propos, France (Non payers)

Email 11/06/14
"They don’t answer my emails to pay me for a project! Name of contact person/ Gaetan Chretiennot et Delphine Lemonnier. I did a translation for À Propos last April and they were happy with the result. It was an urgent project and I did it without problems. However, I didn’t work for them anymore and once I sent my invoice, they didn’t answer me at all. The most impressive is that it’s a tiny amount of money in comparison with my regular projects." G.S.
A propos Langues SARL
Parc d’innovation – Bâtiment Euclide
Jean Sapidus Street
F-67400 Strasbourg-Illkirch
  Tel. : +33 (0)3 88 79 89 00 E-mail:

A & B Servizi Linguistici Srl Padova, Italy

"AVVERTENZA!ATTENZIONE! Questi non pagano i loro traduttori. In sospeso dall'anno scorso una mia ricevuta per oltre €250..NON LAVORATE PER LORO. Non appena capiscono che devono pagare affidano il lavoro al prossimo e così via. Sono bannati anche da PROZ.
Sorry guys, I'd like to warn you about this company. They paid one invoice of €200 (a series of many jobs) two years ago and I stupidly went on to do more adding up to €280 which I have not been paid for. I have been waiting a year now. Banned from Proz from posting jobs they are serial offenders by not paying they then go on assigning jobs to naive new translators. That's a lot of work for free."

ABCTRAD, Germany (non-payer)

Multiple non payment records on Proz' Blue Board.
WPPF, 7608: non payment case
Their address:
ABCTRAD Technisches Übersetzungsbüro
Kirchplatz 22, 35447 Reiskirchen

ABC translations Russia 

Unprofessional, poor practices  

Not to be confused with ABC Language Solutions Inc.,  Vancouver, nor with ABC translations based in the UK
"Last week (in a weak moment) I accepted a project from this agency without checking them first. Big mistake. It was quite a large project to do in a couple of days, so I only accepted to do half of it as I thought the delivery time was too tight. On Monday morning the PM calls me and says that the other translator didn't do the job and does not reply to calls or e-mails. Unfortunately, I had not yet done my homework and foolishly accepted to do a few more files, but not all of them. The PM wanted me to do 3500-4000 words in 3 hours. I'm not capable to do that in just 3 hours. So I picked a few files, which I knew I could handle within the given time frame. The PM called me many times and tried to push me to work faster. He even asked me to have the remainder of the project ready in half an hour!!"

Email 24/02/14:
"Just wanted to report to you my experience of ABC Translation in Russia:
Appallingly rude man named Ivan harassed me by telephone (home and mobile) and then skype, to do a translation of 3700 words.  I should have checked them out, but didn’t, lesson learned there.  I started the work, and within 24 hours, rude Ivan was again phoning and phoning to find out how it was going.  At that point I was near the end so thought I would be able to get rid of him soon.  Submitted job on Friday night, and then had him again phoning and emailing asking me to go online, he wanted another urgent job done very quickly.  It was a Saturday, I wasn’t pleased as I had plans but I accepted and changed my plans and submitted later that day.  Soon after he started the ridiculous phone calls, and emails, accusing me of not doing it properly, machine translation etc etc.  I was upset, I had bent over backwards to please this man and this was how I was repaid.  The next morning I googled his agency and found all the reviews, that he is banned from a number of sites for non-payment etc.  I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to pay me." (Debbie M.)

Email 14/10/14: "Hi, I am emailing about ABC Translation Russia, unfortunately didn't read the reviews on your site previously :-(

I have just send an invoice to the ABC translations for the jobe done 45 days ago, and also would like to share that I also had stressful experience with Ivan, same as the persons writing here. Such as phone calls, skype email's and similar in no time, at night or early morning , and just wanted to write that they are NOT AT ALL professional, hope to get payed as i have made 3 translations until moment. Will see " (Ivona Trifunov) (Payment issues)

Able Translations Ltd.

Mississauga, Ontario, Kanada (Late payer)

Email 28/10/14 
The firm was very slow to pay my invoices (up to 5 months), but it has now finally paid everything - only after I had threatened to contact its clients and after my professional association (ATIO) sent them a letter. In the beginning (after 3 months), the firm almost never replied to my reminders by telephone and email, and then they named several payment dates which were not kept. My biggest concern was that the company might go out of business and I would lose everything (they owed me quite a large amount). 

Peter Hessel

"Hello. I would like to draw your attention to a non-paying interpretation and translation agency, Able Translations
I did interpretation assignments for them from September to December 2014 and haven't been paid yet.
Here is a review I added on another site. Please find it here:
My review is entitled: Fraud Company Ripping Off...
I can provide more details if requested.

Thank you
Nadia El Sherbini

Abroadlink, Granada, Spain 

Late payment after 3!!! months

AccessOnTime, Florida, USA (non payers)


Accordium associates (non-payer)

"Dear colleagues, 
This February I performed several translation jobs for Accordium Associates Oy and its owner, Denis Bullat ( The amount was not so big - only $40, however the company didn't pay me at all. I was surprised a bit but as I had positive experience of collaboration with them I decided to wait. However, the payment was not received neither this spring nor this summer. I started emailing Denis wondering when I can get my money and heard common excuses that they lost their database "and please send us your records so we could pay you". This was done and I was promised to be paid next week, then in a couple of days, and then my emails and skype messages were ignored.
I'm writing this to warn all of you about working with this company!, USA (non-payer)

Email 23/10/14: 
Hi, my name is Irina and I would like to add a US-based translation company to your black list.
I have been working for this company as a freelance translator for several years and they have always paid when the amount was small for a short translation.
But the last 2 translations were long and the amounts were larger. Well, I managed to pull out my payment from them for the first translation in 2 months after I submitted it, but I still can't pull it out for my second translation. I provided it back in June, 2014 and no matter how many times I called them or sent them the messages with my invoice and the request first and now demand to pay, they never did it. Please blacklist them, please. Their name is Accuworld Translation."

Ad Hoc Translations, Denmark 

Low standards and non-payer

Sender: S. Agarwal 22-07-2014 09:06
"This company AdHoc Translations from Denmark rushed us to deliver the translation of 150,000 words in 8 days at very low price (0.027 E per word, TE). They asked to make daily partial deliveries to check quality on daily basis. Once we completed all daily deliveries and full translation, they refused to pay EURO 4187.48 by making petty false accusation and unsubstantiated statements to use it as excuse not to pay."

AD-CON- München (non payer)

10/10/14 :
"This Company owes me since June last year almost $2,000.00.
their excuse the bank details were wrong, bank never changed still the same as 5 years ago, they got several times the information sent over and over again.
Get invoiced every two weeks but simply ignores me.
I am looking for an Attorney in München who can go after them even if I pay the Attorney all money owed to me."

Ad Litteram (Irvin Brown, Sarah Thiry)- Belgium (Non-payers, scammers)

Email Oct 2013: "Agree with high rates for tight deadlines but at the end of story the don't pay. I had to go to my lawyer and just before it went for the judge, they have paid. I have heard from other translators they had the same problem. I have done three big projects for them (in total around 2000 euro). It was about construction, everything what I proposed was OK (0,09€/source word for very technical construction part). But after several mails and promises for paying, they didn't answer any more so my lawyer has taken them to court and just before the trial they paid."
Email (09/05/2014): "Hi, Just to mention that all translators must avoid working with Ad Litteram (contact person: Irvin Brown). He is very nice at the beginning, proposing you several translation jobs but when it comes to paying, he simply does not answer anymore! I sent my invoice end of February with a delay of 30 days. At the beginning of April, not seeing the paiement, I sent him a email. He answered that his accountant has made a mistake in the date. Until now and after several emails, I have not yet received my paiement and no answer to my email." 
Email (17/09/14): "I accepted a very tight deadline from this agency, from Irwin Brown and his colleague, Sarah Thiry and I made a big effort to get the job done on time for them. I submitted my invoice in May and when I asked for payment in August, they told me it would be settled that afternoon. That was a month ago (August) and since then they have not answered a single one of my emails. I am intending to take them to the small claims court in Belgium to try and get payment. Really shameful behaviour."
Email (28/10/14): "These people just live a grand life on our backs (as you can see for yourself on Facebook). They did not even bother to pay a job of 550 euro I did for them. I hired a lawyer, but even a court order did not get me anywhere as the bailiff never finds anyone present at their fictitious business address! This malpractice has been going on for years now, as I found out only later in old translators’ group on Yahoo."
Met vriendelijke groeten.

Agencia GMCA, Barcelona, Spain

"I want to add a translation agency in Barcelona : AGENCIA GMCA, the man is called Mauricio Fuertes ( He asked me a short translation but he didn't pay me and never answered my e-mails. Others translators had the same bad experience."

Akademia kwk, Gerol (late?non? payer)

"Hello, above mentioned agency owes me more than 200 euro..
They also say they would pay soon but never do so.
I think, I will ahve to give this case to my lawyer." source: WPPF


Email 3/05/15
Hi! You can add Alkemist to the list, I think. There's been no contracts, no POs issued (only their PMS), they don't reply to communications and their terms are just abominable. Choice paragraph being this (also their prices are lowish, and frequently word counts are wrong or missing):
“The full list of the performed work for the specified period is displayed. It may happen that a project, which you have already handed in, will not be included in the specification. This is because it has not yet been handed in to the client. The system adds an individual project to your specification once the project manager hands it in to the client. This happens with bigger projects or at the end of the month, when the project has already been translated but still has to go through proofreading and final reviewing. Sometimes, it is thus handed in at a later date than when you handed it in. Do not manually add projects to the specification! In such cases, the project will be included in the next specification (next month).
Eventual complaints regarding differences in the calculated number of characters of +/- 1 standard page (1,500 characters excluding spaces) will not be considered. Please notify us of any bigger differences or discrepancies at”

All Languages Ltd, Canada 

False allegations in order not to pay some translator

"Hi, the following outsourcer has broken our agreement and has not paid me on time:
All Languages LTD (
Best regards,"
Dear Nataly, well done for your efforts in exposing them, it is pretty clear to me that they are in the wrong. They recruited you, tested you extensively (8 assignements) therefore they have to pay you no matter what. Also, they need to back up their allegations with proof: expenses "fixing" your mistakes, proof of all the fixing work. Without proof, their argument is not valid.
Proz should investigate this. It should not force you to give a 1 either. Best strategy now is to find other translators victims of this company and sue them. Good luck.
TE Blog

Alba produzioni, Italy (non-payers)

Email 10/12/14 
"ALBA PRODUZIONI in Rome, Italy do not pay their translators.
I am chasing up a 2,000 euro job done this summer.
They also owe 40,000 euros to a subtitle company in Rome.
They claim to have gone bust but they are filming in the USA.
These are the people who I dealt with Sandro Frezza, Sandra Cristofanilli, Rosanna Seregni, Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani
who have sinced disappeared.

These are their details:
ALBA PRODUZIONI srl Via degli Olmetti, 46 00060 Formello (RM) Tel.: +39 06.45428920 Fax: +39 06.45428927

Alpha CRC Ltd  Cambridge, UK (non-payers)

Has anyone done work for ALPHA CRC Ltd, Cambridge, UK? They owe me about $2800 on an invoice dated 8/10/2011 and just told me they had a hard time paying on time due to their recent growth! 
"It is like trying to squeeze milk from stone to squeeze payment out of Alpha CRC. That was at least my experience three years ago when I stopped working with them because at the time there were three months worth of heavy work overdue and they shamelessly told me they were short of cash and would maybe pay me in two months' time. And then they didn't until I contacted a person on the top level and told him I would very soon tell the whole internet about their payment practices. Needless to say, they have only once contacted me since, but that contact (request to work on a small file) was withdrawn an hour later, after I had asked the PM if it had really been his intention to contact me for this job, or if it had been a slip of a finger when choosing email address. I was a little sad, because they had very interesting jobs to offer, and quite good rates too. But it is not enough to have good rates if the practice is to pay very late or not to pay."

Alpha Translation based in Melbourne, Florida (unprofessional practices, no contact details)

15/11/2013: "I would also like to add The Transcription Agency based in Hythe, Kent U.K. as unprofessional opportunists who are hiding behind anonymity, prey on misunderstandings and become incommunicado when you pin them down. Another unprofessional agency is Alpha Translation based in Melbourne, Florida. I've noticed they changed their website since I had dealings with them and they do not provide contact details. Congratulations on your efforts."

ALS (UK) based in Birmingham, now Convocco

"Angry translators have hit out after being left out of pocket when a Birmingham business went bust - only to see the firm's director set up another translation firm. They are furious that ALS (UK) director Hayder Al-Ani bought..." See discussion

Andovar (long unpaid tests (jobs?))

Even though there is nothing illegal about that, it gives a pretty good idea of how they treat their translators. 2 things that should be a golden rule for tests: - Either they pay you and can get a deadline, - or  they don't and cannot ask for more than 300 words free of charge. Apply this rule and your issues are over...
In this case Andovar asks for too much (more than 1000w) and a deadline on top, which is a good hint that they are bypassing the good business practises and perhaps using the translation. They might be charging the end client for it too. Beware!! 
PS: asking for free tests is not a crime, but accepting them is!
Email 09/03/15: "Thank you so much for creating a black list for translation agencies.   I applied for translation jobs via craglist and I received several feedback that asked me to do translation test.  I finished the first test which took me a few hours and the agency emailed me back says good job and nothing else.  Lately, I received another translation test from the agency below, it seems to me that they are just asking me to do translation for free but call it test.  Do you know if this agency if legit?  I just don't want to do work for free.
Cereinya Saensit from asked me to translate more than 1000 words for free and proofread for them additional 1000 words.  According to your advice, I think it is probably worthwhile to put them on the blacklist too."
Thank you

"Dear applicant, You have been selected to submit a sample test in consideration for a high-volume translation and machine-translation post editing project for travel website. Your test will be evaluated by our client, and our client will select the linguists they prefer for the work. Applicants who pass the test will receive work from Andovar.
Test is now available online at the link:    
Test Submission Deadline:   Monday, 9th March by 5.00 p.m. (your local time)

Ansh Intertrade, India 

Email 30/04/14:
 Read this thread at Translation Directory to get the picture:
This company bids for jobs from Europe and the USA and then tries to find European or American translators for less than 0.04 USD per word (although they advertise that the rate is higher - not very honest, eh?).
Take a look at the translations on their website. To be honest, the quality is worse than Google Translate!!!
Note that this company only deals with translation companies and not direct clients. For example, a European company outsources a project to India, then the Indian company tries to re-outsource the work back to Europe at ridiculous rates (probably because professional Indians refuse to accept such rates).
As an outsourcer for a translation agency, I once sent a translation test to the top ten  Indian translation agencies that advertise on the TC website. The results were worse than Google translate!
If a translation agency wants to be a cheapskate, then it is far better for them to hire local students than outsource the work to India. "

Appen Butler Hill 

Very low rates, hire amateurs instead of translators

Appletrans/APPLENCOMPANY Co., Ltd/

"Beware of this agency: They stopped answering emails when I asked why they are not paying." Click here to read the rest on this report., location unknown (bad rates)


We are pleased to announce a new translation project, now open for quoting at Aquarius:
Subject: EN<>French_Technical_Translation_0.04$
Source language: French
Target language: English
They also say that they have recently received a lot of scammers with fake CVs they had to ban. Hem. I wonder why that is. Perhaps because the website screams "fast and cheap translation services, serious folks go away, we pay peanuts here."

Araxi traductions, France (non-payers!)

Translator's report: "Thank you. I would add Another black agency: Araxi Traductions. It is based in France, but their phone number is fake and they didn't pay me for a translation."
I confirm position of ARAXI TRADUCTIONS - FRANCE. They owe me almost € 1600 and have totally disappeared from the internet! I am presently asking a lawyer to get information about them...
VTM TRADUCE di Valeria Maria Tafel - Pisa (Italy)
12/04/2013 12:17 pm
Hello dear colleagues (un)fortunately I'm not the only translator in that case: Araxi owes me almost 1,800€, Valeria you summarized it all... Do they still exist... I'm still sending emails almost everyday and posting bad comments and complaints on every useful website. Thinking of getting a lawyer too but I've never done this before, if you have any advice, we could help each other maybe! All the best. Eva Delacoute

AAT/ASCO International (Unprofessional and disrespectful)

Email 15/01/2015"Good morning! I first want to thank you for the service you're providing with this list. I've just learned a lesson about its reliability. I also want to provide additional support for a previous entry previously about a specific agency.
Yesterday I was contacted by AAT (which also trades as ASCO) seeking information about my services. I researched the company, and did find the entry on your list - but decided to take the time to reply and provide them with my rates/full CV. The response was a curt little message that simply said "Sorry but we get cheaper offers."
Nice. I admit that I poked the bear in the cage, and wrote back "I'm sure you do. I hope that the quality you get is commensurate with your cheap rates." Which wasn't the nicest thing to do, but I was annoyed.
I received the predictable defensive reply. I suggested that while it's perfectly ok to politely decline someone's services based on price, courtesy among professionals is much appreciated.
In his reply, he invoked the doctrine of lese majesty - to justify his rudeness? Not sure... maybe because I'm not royalty, it was OK to be impolite to me? Regardless, this guy is a pompous jerk. Any translator who doesn't want to be treated like a servant shouldn't bother with these agencies. Regards," Laura

ATP Lingua E.U., located in Graz., Austria 

or ATP Herfort, Christine Herfort, Austria (non payer) 

I have been working with this highly dramatic person for about 3 months now. Her first invoice was due on March 30 and she supposedly paid on April 2, via bank transfer. To date, the money has not arrived in my account. As she owes me a total of close to $ 4000 and is responding very irrationally (upset) about my requests to provide details/assistance with the payment (even transfers from India get to my account based on the same instructions within 3 business days). It has now been 5 business days and the money is still nowhere in sight. 

Do you have any experiences with this company? I urgently need her payment to pay bills and have no time for her super emotional behavior (same with orders - extreme demands, but no cooperation on her part). I have all of my other clients "trained" to use paypal as this gives me control over their payment behavior and is much faster, but she insists on using old fashioned bank transfers for "security reasons."

AXXIA (Fraudulent company, non-payers)

2500 City W Blvd #2400 Houston, Texas USA
To read reports : Ripoff Report Other reports


Unknown said...

Andovar translation agency didn't pay after translation done! They gave the andovar kit for contractor, and it's says they need 45 days to process the payment. I waited for 45 days plus, but no payment. I even sent them an e-mail but there's no reply! Their project manager is Napak Anukamol.

Unknown said...

Andovar translation agency didn't pay after translation done! They gave the andovar kit for contractor, and it's says they need 45 days to process the payment. I waited for 45 days plus, but no payment. I even sent them an e-mail but there's no reply! Their project manager is Napak Anukamol.

Unknown said...

Udo Hülsböhmer is a translator scammer. Udo Hülsböhmer (non-payer) is owner of
Agence As Top-traductions (ATT or ASCO). I was requested to translate two files for him. After my translation was well made and delivered on time, Agence As Top-traductions ignored to pay me money. After sending him many reminders, I haven't heard from him again about payment. Please really be careful with this person!

Unknown said...

A&T translation in Granveil st in vancouver - i have bad expereince service two times wrong translation has provided - am going to file complain for this in official chanels please follow me if you have same bad experrince