Blacklist Y

Yamada Tarou / Yamada International Ltd.: Non-payer

"I've completed a rush job for (him? them?) back in August, for over $1700. Agreed payment terms 30 days. First it was... oh so sorry, it was an oversight. We will pay you shortly. Then it was... can't pay you by Paypal as agreed, need your bank info. Then it was.. paying today.. Needless to say, no payment, and I have just found out that another colleague of mine is owed about the same amount of money from him/them as well. When I accepted the work, there was no Blue Board entry on ProZ, but 4 positive comments from people Yamada worked with in the past. I have since asked ProZ to create and entry, and posted my experience there.
In my 20+ years in the this field of work, this is by far the largest job that I got scammed on. I am pretty sure I will never see the money, but just in case I could spare somebody else out there from this, I wanted to post it here as well. After all, this is a small world." (

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