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The Native translator / The Translator Group & The Business Translator, Switzerland (Non-payer)

29/01/2015: "Hey, Just a small advice to my dear colleagues out there: The below agency owes me an invoice of +1,400 EUR: The Native Translator (also known as The Translator Group & The Business Translator) Switzerland. I did a small part of a very big project. Payment is now 40 days late (invoice due since 20th of December 2014). They say they need to proofread my part before they can pay. They already have had 77 days to do so, still no comments about MY part ... No concrete feedback, just general comments about the whole project in which a great many translators participated. I would definitely NOT work with them again."
Kind regards / Un cordial saludo / Med vänlig hälsning
Christer Heljestrand, catranslations - Professional Swedish Language Provider

Native Speaker Translation, Ukraine 

Insulting rates, non payers
Comment: "bad payers and extremely low rates"

NBN (Non-payer)

"An israeli agency which refused to pay because they pretend to have no cashflow.
NBN, Shimon ha tzadik 31 Street, Elad
Below you can also see there email address.
The amount they owe me is not big but they will never pay.""

Need Translated Ltd

Location unknown (bottom feeder)

Email 08/09/14: "I would now like to suggest the addition of Need Translated Ltd.
I received an email to my email address, saying that they are looking for, "the best price over quality," and that, "so far," the best price was $0.02 per source word.
Of course, I replied that this was far below standard rates, and they sent a rather insulting reply, indicating that they can find more professional translators who will offer $0.02 per source word.
The communication was not professional, and their English website was clearly not translated by a native English-speaking translator.

Furthermore, I would like to confirm the comments about
I cancelled my account after one day - the rates are the lowest of all agencies (0.04 - 0.05 EUR per source word), yet the translator takes care of all the administrative tasks, dealing directly with clients as if they were indeed, direct clients! Normally, this is the work of Project Managers. Not a good deal.
Many thanks once again for your valuable Translation Blog."

Nextone Media, London, UK 

Trying to pay 4 Eur for the translation-localisation of 10 articles

"I'm talking to my Italian mother tongue colleagues and I want to warn you about Nextone media, their advertise is "CHI SIAMO: La nostra società Nextone Media, è un'azienda leader nella pubblicazione di portali e magazine in tutta Europa.
Il focus è la pubblicazione di guide targetizate in inglese.
CHI CERCHIAMO: Cerchiamo conoscitori lingua inglese, che vogliano crearsi una seconda entrata facilmente sul web.
Il candidato dovrà tradurre in italiano ed inserire su un nostro portale contenuti su nostra richiesta. RETRIBUZIONE: Il lavoro, naturalmente retribuito, permette un arrotondamento mensile considerevole e richiede poche decine di minuti al giorno ma da fare con passione e in maniera costante. Il pagamento avverrà ogni fine mese.
METODO DI LAVORO: Il collaboratore potrà lavorare da casa in maniera autonoma scegliendo i tempi e gli argomenti da trattare.
Il collaboratore prescelto avrà user e password e potrà in totale autonomia tradurre e pubblicare i propri contenuti sul web.
Si richiede serietà, capacità di scrittura, conoscenze base nell'uso del pc, conoscenze della rete.
Vi preghiamo di inviare i vostri curricula a "

"I sent my resume and they answered that they would have paid 4 Euro per 10 articles!!!"
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Nord Expansion 

Group Mister Babel, France (non-payer)

Email 09/11/14
"I found out that the company I want to talk about is not in your list yet. I had lots of bad experiences with them, and they start to be known. I am talking about Nord Expansion France, they are a  whole group, one other company of this group is Mister Babel. There are more, I do not know the names of all of them. Common sign: they are all in the north of France. They are one of the worst. The explanation of non paying being that the economic situation is difficult. They are buying companies experiencing problems, these get absorbed and then the common feature of that whole group is non payment. They are largely known. And still they find translators who afterwards are crying, on LinkedIn, for instance. It would be useful to put them on your blacklist."

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