Blacklist J

Ridiculous rates

"They pay ridiculously low rates and want discounts when you're good and they actually like you :) I have never worked with them, but they approached me in 2011, following is a quote from their agreement:
"The company embraces the concept of key suppliers in its work with freelance translators, reserving its core translation workload for the most loyal, productive and highlyskilled professionals. This is what makes the company’s collaboration with Vendors so effective and so profitable. In return, the Vendor will offer a discount to Janus WWI based on the results of his work within a calendar year. The size of the discount is calculated according to the table below:"
In 2014, they asked me for my rates and then replied:
"We are very limited in budget and the maximum we can propose is 0.04 EUR. I am afraid you cannot accept that."
You can make your own decisions based on that.."

Non payer, RUN!

Email 29/06/2014 from F.
"They pretended their client IBM had a tight budget !!), and said they didn't receive my emails containing the words "invoice", "payment", "money". I was paid over a month late. They gave me excuses which were different than those they gave to my colleague (account manager is ill/on holiday...)"

"How can JR Media Services, with big Hollywood studios as their clients, have unpaid invoices dating as far back as July 2009. Unbelievable. What’s more unsettling is the fact that JR Media Services’ CEO, Max Beno, has completely washed his hands, refusing to pay the provider the $23,507.96 owed to them.
All I can do is warn any company who wants to provide services or goods to JR Media Services. JR Media Services will not pay you. They will get your goods and/or services and leave you holding the bill. And don’t hold your breath either honey cause you aren’t getting paid by JR Media Services. The ‘JR’ in JR Media Services stands for JUST RUNAWAY."

Email 20/01/15:
"Thank you for sharing the list. I'd like to add my comments for an agency that has already been listed in your Blacklist: JR Media Services, owned by Max Beno. They lied to me about a check lost in the mail (I read they did the same with other translators) and said they would send me another check. But they never replied again. I called them several times, and the receptionist or Natalie Romero (it seems they are the same person, but Natalie is always out of the office) keeps lying to me saying that they will send me the new check shortly, and this has been happening for two years.
Thanks for warning others!!"

Late or non payments
"I did a translation for them, the invoice was supposed to be paid on October 20, sent several messages to Tomy Green and Catherine Pouré (owner) unsuccessfully. No reply from them."
"Average LWA score 2.2 overall, past year 1 (low and lowest respectively) - Since the address is the same as for JTI Development, I think we can assume these are the people you are dealing with. I suggest you get paid up to date, but do no further work for them."
"On the website (in French), I found that this agency is pursuing its activity even though a "loss of capital" has been declared on the 2nd of March 2012 ( I worked for an agency owned by JM Pouré, which also had declared a "loss of capital" on the 9th of February 2012 and is now bankrupt. This agency had a legal translation branch but the URLs I have got do not work any more. I can't be sure that these people are linked. It's quite a coincidence."
"I have not been paid for an invoice whose settlement is now two months overdue - five emails have been ignored - no reply - the telephone and fax number do not respond. I have left comments on Payment Practices ( run by Ted Wozniak who has left a comment here too. I am paying a debt collection agency called D&B Collection Services to extract the payment from this agency. My advice is not to work for them."
JTI - Juris'Traduction International: 153, avenue Charles de Gaulle, NEUILLY SUR SEINE, France, 92200

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