Blacklist B

Banu translators, India (Low rates)

Barinas Translation

BASARI Language Services, Istanbul, Turkey (Late payers)

"Today, December 24th, the invoice is still unpaid.
I was used to working with them approx. once a year. Never met such problems.
I'll never understand why some companies make it so hard for translators to be paid when so small amounts are involved. Don't they realize that this is even more deleterious for their reputation than paying late a big amount?
Who can trust a business who cannot even pay €60??
"To be fair, let me add that today, Wednesday December 26th, I received the full payment of my invoice from Basari- via PayPal -, i.e. 68 days post-invoice date and 38 days overdue.
A coincidence, isn't it?!! :-) "
Read more on LinkedIn

Batitercume (lowest bottom feeder, 0.005 USD per word)

Translator's email: "Hi, here is another company sending translators extremely low-paying "offers" which should be added to your list of low-rate companies. They are most likely sending all translators on with English listed as their native language this anonymous message. My profile doesn't say that I work with Turkish to English translations.

-----Original Message-----
From: Bahar Demirci []
Sent: November-01-13 11:58 AM
To: Member
Subject: About Proofreading Services

"Dear English Native Speaker Colleague,
We are running a translation Office in Ankara / Turkey and we need a proofreader for already translated files from Turkish by a English Native Speaker. The files are mostly  “Academic Articles, Essays, Thesis, Dissertations…”
We are ready to pay 1 USD per each 200 words which is the standard rate in Turkey for proofreading. And the payment will be prompt, to your PayPal account given to me. 
If you are interested about the offer can you please write me an email  explaining your education and past experiences regarding to this job.
Thank you very much.
Best Regards,
Batı Tercüme Dil Hizmetleri
Dr. Mediha Eldem Sk.
No: 55/2, Kızılay / Ankara
Tel: (0312) 430 61 33
Faks: (0312) 430 61 33
GSM: +90 555 222 85 58
Çankaya VD, No: 7170211165
This message was sent to you via the directory.
Sender: Bahar Demirci

Belazaruze (Leila), non-payer: see Sare translations

Ben's World / Europa dubbing subtitles 

Disrespectful, unprofessional, low rates

From WPPF:
"Dear all,
I've been working for this company since two years, and i did provide them a good quality service, but always they wait 3 to 4months to pay, and when the payment is over due, they start making up excuses, lying about many things, finding strange errors, sometimes they sent me scripts that were having errors made by them...
Other times they made me cancel a translation project we worked in for 3days, and of course they didn't pay for the work done, but i said ok,...
Now again after we past their sample test for the second time, we translated 11 films, and after two months when i reminded them the payment, they complained about 2 scripts, without showing any details or corrections made, we still deducted the two scripts from the payment, and we emailed them many times, we sent them plenty of reminders,
The manager keeps insulting me in everyway, and he doesn't respect me at all, and now he didn't pay, and said to me three days ago, he can pay anytime he feels like paying... He's so bossy and rude...
I'm still waiting, and i gave him my last warning, but he doesn't seem to care much about it. Thank you"

BEOIMPIGRA or IMPIGRA, Serbia (non-payer)

"I would like to add BEOIMPIGRA or IMPIGRA owned by Svetlana Vraneš from Serbia - a major non-payer (owes many sworn translators thousands of Euros) - I have been contacted by some of the mentioned agencies, but, fortunately, saw their rating as non-payers and refused to work with them. I can heartily advise all colleagues to accept the practice of checking all new job offers against such lists & directories before accepting any jobs - not to be afraid that they'll loose it for a bit later reply. However, be careful with auto-refusal: not all the listed are scammers or non-payers - some of them just offer lower rates which they pay regularly (though a bit later, sometimes)."

Biag Group (Low rates)

"I've had an email approach (via Proz) from Biag Group ( recently, offering US$0.04 per word. They didn't ask for a sample translation or anything, and at least were up-front with what they proposed to pay, but it's still a ridiculously low rate." Excerpt from a discussion on LinkedIn

TheBigWord, UK

Very unprofessional, poor reputation, low rates and put pressure on translators to lower prices
Reason number 1 not to work for them, they are blatant liars who say one thing to someone and another to others, without even supposing people are just as moronic as they are and will never connect the dots:
1) They are poor, so should you be!! 
Reason number 1 not to work for them, they are blatant liars who say one thing to someone and another to others, without even supposing people will connect the dots:
They had the amazing idea to write the email below and address it to everyone of their collaborators. They have done it for several months, or even years, taking everyone for total fools. The thing is, the rate was always differents (country, or translator). So this generic mail was just an easy way to get the parrot project managers to bargain down without having to struggle too much. 
But poor, that is something they are not, and a little googling can back up this. Profits in 2012 : 65 M USD See
By the way this translator has written much more eloquently on the matter than me:
SO here is the infamous email I mentioned to you, in which only 2 details (date and rate) are interchangeable, that every good PM at the pig turd seems to know by heart. It's in bold too for convenience, so they can modify the sentence in a jiffi when needed.
"However, having said all of this, never before has our industry experienced such huge pressure from both the private and public sector to drive down prices. This, of course, is not necessarily for their own profit but simply a reaction to the state of world economies. At thebigword we have endeavoured to keep our rates to the highest possible level whilst enabling us to keep the work flowing to you but at the present time, those rates are not viable in the competitive marketplace. Therefore, with effect from Thursday 18th July, thebigword will change its payment per word rate to 0.038 GBP. These rate changes are not retrospective but will apply to any new work received from Thursday 18th July 2013."
Here an example of a different price: The Big Word - The Small Pay
 2/ They have no clue about translation (only greed) Also, their recruitment process could be complete bullshit:
"I only did a test for them (the same text was on a website), I noticed that the text in Internet was a bad translation and I sent them my translation wit comments, links and explanations and told them to review the website (it was something official, Europe niveau) and since then I´ve got no answer.
Unprofessional... "
3/ Unreliable amateurs
And besides the fact their rates are insulting, they don't STICK to the arranged price (if that's not dishonest what is?)
"Be very careful with them. They have cheap rates and when payment comes around they pay less than the agreed upon rate. I stopped working with them after a month"
Conclusion: Run away from the pig turd. Only newbies work for them, because they don't know better. Now you're warned and you're better off.

Blue Elephant, India (non-payers)

"Hello, Please add this agency with those details :
"Don't work for this agency, they do not pay : BLUE ELEPHANT -INDIA- They have just posted a huge project of several hundred thousand words.....Here what this translator's report on that agency:" 11/2013

Barýþ or Baris Cagri Borucu, Turkey (non-payer)

His profile in TC (still there!) :
Address : acun sok marti apt 8-12 Suadiye, Istanbul,  34740, Turkey
Email 18/06/2014 :
"Thank you for your brilliant blog. It just saved me from collaborating with another non-payer.
I'd like to contribute one more name. It's not an agency, but rather a person. I don't know if you would add an individual to your list. Barýþ Borucu,

Short version: I did a rush job for him. He was very responsive and quick until I delivered. Afterwards, he ignored my e-mails for days then came up with multiple excuses. Finally, after many months, he stopped responding. He's now banned from posting jobs on TC and still no response. (The idea he might be dead actually crossed my mind.)

Long version: On Nov 23, 2012, I saw this post: I applied. The poster, Barýþ Borucu, e-mail, responded to me attaching the file and informing me of the deadline, no further questions, although I offered to do an unpaid sample upfront. I reviewed the file and informed him that I'm not specialized in the subject matter. He told me to proceed anyway and that they will proofread it. He emphasized that speed is crucial. I sent the file in batches, as per his instructions. After I was done, I asked for his feedback. Two days later, I e-mailed him again asking for feedback. One day after that, I e-mailed him again asking for feedback and payment. He responded and told me that they were closed and he would let me know the next day. The next day, he e-mailed me saying that he would pay me through PayPal within 30 days, yet he didn't ask for my ID. I told him that it's blocked in my country and asked if he would use Skrill. He said that they don't use Skrill and that he mentioned that in the ad. I copied the ad, which didn't mention anything about the matter. He apologized and asked me for my Skrill ID. He said he'd pay "from another account then when it is due". That was on Nov 30, 2012. On Jan 1, 2013, and then again on Jan 9, I e-mailed him asking for updates. He responded on Jan 9 saying that he was away for a month for an interpretation job and that he'd pay me on Friday (Jan 11). On Jan 14, then again on Jan 16, I reminded him that I wasn't paid. He said that he was still waiting for confirmation from Skrill. I e-mailed him again on Feb 9, Feb 21, Mar 6 and Mar 23. I never heard of him. I reported him to the website (TC), he was banned from posting jobs and still didn't respond to anything. Keep up the good work, folks."
Other complaint on TC:
"He was paying for the game translation conducted by me in installments He paid for the first 4 parts then after I delivered the project he disappeared suddenly does not respond my mails. He even deleted me from skype. And he still owes me 442 USD"
Date of feedback: 18/11/2012  19:56 "

Bostico, Andreea Boston  

Low rates, unprofessional practices

BQT, Spain (formerly TEK) Non payer

BQT Inc.
Shared Services Center
Velázquez 94, 1ª planta
28006 - Madrid - Spain
BQT Inc.
Newark DE19711
284 East Main Street
T +34 91 086 1647
E ap@...
"I did two jobs for them last year and my invoices have not yet been paid.
Each was for 20 euros (of 29 August and of 31 October respectively). I
already sent several reminders."
"There are two recent reports on the Blue Board that state they have not been paid. One of them states a new policy "rule: no payment under 100 euros!"

Bzzy Beez, Romania

Non pros, non-native=crap + non payers

Email 15/07/14:
"They did not pay me a small project and they do not reply to my msgs."
Contact: Anca Ciuteanu
Senior Project Manager
Bzzy Beez Translations
Phone: 0040-0766 055 785
"Our concept: Most translation agencies pride themselves on the quality provided by the work from native speakers. Although Bzzy Beez agrees with the need for native speakers, we know it's not needed for all parts of a questionnaire.
Every questionnaire has a number of questions that are too basic or too easy for you as a client to waste a lot of money on expensive translations by native speakers. Anyone who studied French, can translate "What's your age?" into French."

Burravoe Translation Services (non payer)

"Does or did anybody work with Burravoe Translation Services?
They didn't pay freelance translators like myself and some others, so blueboard at

Full address is Burravoe Translations Services Inkerman House 4 Elwick Road Ashford Kent TN23 1PF
Telephone +44 (0) 1233 647744 Fax: + 44 (0) 1233 646840 Email : translations@... DX: 30206, ASHFORD, KENT
I wonder anybody out there can share their experiences please." Source: WPPF

Business Translation Agency, Romania 

Just way too generous and cannot spell properly

"Here is another specimen (Business Translation Agency - for the list:
"We have an ongoing project, translation and proofreading, EN-DE, technical, of aproximately 80.000 words that needs to be finished - translation and proofreading by the 26 of September. SDL Trados is a must.
We can offer 0,03 - 0,04 euro/word for translation and 0,01 - 0,015 euro/word for proffeading and the payment will be made at 60 days after we receive your invoice.
Please send us your best rate, delivery time, cv and email address and let us know how many words do you translate of proofread a day. Must be willing to do a small test translation.

We require a translator that can handle his/her deadlines.
Payment terms: €0.03 EUR to €0.04 EUR per word
Further payment details: 0.015 euro/word proofreading
Payment 60 days after date of invoice."

Business Voice, Buttrio, Italy 

Low rates, very late payments

Email 12/12/14: 
"I would like to propose a translation agency for blacklisting. It is an agency called Business Voice, with registered office in Buttrio (Udine), Italy. This is their website:
I worked with them for the best part of a year, and they have consistently been late in payment, lowered rates, argued about any issue;
​ I have stopped working for them now. But I have had to contact a collection agency, past clients and the Chamber of Commerce where they are registered as a company, just to get them to respond to my request for prompt payment of amounts due.
I am currently waiting for them to pay the amounts outstanding and payable several months ago."

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